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welcome to my website!

Our Camper Van

Hello! I'm Marjorie Fellowes and this is my own website which I started in June of 2009. Why did I put all this work into it? Well, I had my little Daughter, Stephanie, which meant I had to stay at home but being the creative type I found that time hung heavily whilst she was tucked up asleep. My hubby John suggested that I get involved in Internet work and this is my first attempt!

We both decided that cars should be the theme; purely because we are both motor mad and already have a collection of our own comprising of my Golf, John's old XJ6 (we can't bear to part with it) and a VW Camper Van Transporter that we holiday in (with three kids our funds can't quite run to the Bahamas yet).

I have no staff, and no huge budget so everything on this site has been created by me. we hope you like it.

Will we make any money with our affiliate link? I hope so. It would really encourage us to do more sites or extend this one in the future. So, if you're in the market for car insurance and you like our web site why not give the company a visit??

Best wishes from Marjorie

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